Our purpose is to develop every person to their fullest possible potential.

This mission is built on the firm belief that excellent training always centers on the individual’s needs, and always plans for long term success. Greatness is never random or haphazard.

Our programs are designed for the committed athlete, and those willing to do the work necessary to excel.


The most popular training model Pinnacle offers is uniquely tailored performance coaching for individuals. Each detail – from warm-up choices and preventative care to explosive strength and power training – is dialed in using the results of a thorough assessment and injury history, and executed with personalized attention from the coach.

We are also able to work with the athlete’s medical providers to coordinate rehabilitation and management of injuries much more effectively than would otherwise be possible.

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We understand that training as a regular client of Pinnacle Performance is not feasible for many people, and for that reason have made spots available for one-time, in-person consultations. These visits may be used for anything an athlete requests, from muscle imbalance assessment and movement analysis, to technique coaching, to analysis of a person’s current training plan. For those who are coaches themselves seeking a second opinion, we offer a professional consult option.

Each person will be meticulously evaluated and will receive detailed, individualized feedback based on their results. If desired, comprehensive initial programming can be provided.

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Our 2nd most popular training model is favored by combat athletes, team athletes, and physique competitors with travel needs or hard competition deadlines.

Distance coaching is often preferred by people – including members of the military – who cannot meet regularly in-person due to schedule difficulties or other practical obstacles. The same attention to detail and individualized planning that marks our in-person training is present here as well, for a select group of people willing to make the commitment and follow through. If you’re serious and you’re prepared to do the work, apply to train.

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PLEASE NOTE: Distance coaching is limited to people 18 years or older.