Matt Warner (MSc., CSCS, TSAC-F, USAW) is a performance coach and biochemist with a deep understanding of the human body. He is highly sought after for his ability to solve complex performance problems, correct subtle movement faults, and accelerate recovery of injuries.

He works with soldiers and combat athletes looking for advanced performance results, professional and amateur athletes, and difficult rehabilitation clients who have not seen results with standard treatments.

Matt has published research studies in several fields, including nanomedicine and pharmacology. He did his graduate work at Kansas State University, and later during his time with the Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine he taught practical research methods to graduate students and research fellows.

He has 20 years of training experience and has coached for over a decade.


Pinnacle Performance Founder Matt Warner likes three things in this world: Scientific research, lifting and solving problems. Of course he’s a data-driven strength & conditioning coach. Warner, a published biochemist, spent eight years running a research lab before launching Pinnacle Performance in Manhattan, Kansas. A self-proclaimed intelligent meathead, Warner lives to humanize data, translate jargon and craft scientifically sound training programs for his diverse and dedicated clientele.